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Welcome to Hybrid Night, where fantasy becomes reality.

Hybrid Night is the home of Ashley Bowen’s creations.  There are examples of designs, traditional and digital drawings, sewing, and crafts.  Both professional and personal works can be found on her

Gallery Page’ and other sites she is hosted on.

This is her main base for information, but if you are looking for periodic updates, her art pages and twitter feed are the best way to find out more.  Those links can be found to the right- just click on the logo for each individual site.

Please feel free to browse and find out more!  If you have any questions or inquiries, please direct yourself to her ‘Contact Page’.

Hybrid Night represents may aspects of Ashley’s life and displays her different hobbies.  Creating new and interesting items takes innovation and ingenuity.  Inventing answers to unusual questions in her field involves many different forms and/or styles of arts and crafting.  It literally leads to a ‘Hybrid’ nature of thinking.  The other side of ‘Day’, its opposite, ‘Night’, holds many fantastic and new experiences.  The twinkling stars, cool night air, and beautiful moon cycle invites a refreshing take on life.  It is also when we Dream- when the human mind relaxes and is able to create new ideas in its own reality.  It is also the time when this Night Owl works best!  Ideas are sparked both in problem solving and through fantasies of the mind- a literal hybrid mind enjoying the peace of night.

“Carpe Noctem”! Seize the Night! Enjoy!

where Fantasy is reality!

To find out about current project feed, please access my Twitter account linked above!